The Worldview Initiative

Our team is made up of Bryan College students who exude Christlikeness with transparency and integrity. They represent many different fields of study, but are common in their passion to respond to the world with the mind & heart of Jesus. 

The Big Picture


By joining the Worldview Initiative, students are challenged to become disciplined followers of Christ and equipped to become leaders in every part of culture. Here's a quick look at their commitment to our team:

  • Weekly class time to meet with the team, discuss theology + culture, & drink coffee
  • Regular practice of spiritual disciplines (silence & solitude, fasting, sabbath, etc.)
  • Weekly council meetings to contribute to the development of our organization
  • One-On-One Mentorship with Worldview Initiative Staff
  • Monthly service projects with local non-profits and outreach ministries
  • Travelling with our team to facilitate conferences for schools, churches, & families.
  • Professional Development conferences to enrich educational experience and social network.

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